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The commitment of the Pittini Group to promoting people’s health and safety, not only ensures compliance with the current legislations in respect of health and safety, but also includes the search for technical and management solutions that go beyond the mere regulatory conditions and directions imposed to implement an OHSAS 18001 compliant and IGQ (Italian Institute of Quality Assurance) – certified management system. The result of this is the Group’s ability to plan improvement goals and targets, and even more. To ensure safety standards are maintained, we provide continuous training of staff with the aim of enhancing risk perception and awareness, encouraging the implementation of the envisaged protection measures and creating a stronger sense of responsibility of the individual. Workplace health and safety is an absolute priority for us every day.

The health of our employees is of paramount importance and is pursued through an articulated plan of activities, which include: workplace monitoring, health surveillance, a program of specific health checks and medical examinations for each employee.

Investigations are also carried out to control risk elements, on the basis of which the most appropriate measures are planned to protect both people in the workplace and the communities surrounding the production areas.
To create and promote the health and safety culture, training plays a fundamental role. For this reason, specific programs are provided through the Corporate School Officina Pittini per la Formazione aimed at raising awareness of work-related risks and of how they can be effectively managed and prevented.