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The product

Siderlime® is an artificial aggregate derived from the steel industry (Secondary Metallurgical Slag – SMS). It is used in the production of bituminous mixtures as a filler/blend to partially replace natural aggregates and construction materials.

Siderlime® is manufactured using a specific production process that involves the controlled cooling, selection and sifting of the white slag contained in the ladle at the end of the steel casting phase.

Siderlime® is mainly composed of calcium oxide (50 – 60%), magnesium oxide (5%), silicon dioxide (5 – 10%) and aluminium oxide (5 – 10%).
Siderlime® is registered under REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals of Europe).

With its high calcium oxide content, it is successfully used in the cement production cycle as a partial replacement of natural raw materials (typically marl and/or limestone) and in the production of raw kiln-fired Portland cement clinker, which, due to its hydraulic properties, is the basic building block for all types of cements and hydraulic binders.

The benefits

  • Thanks to its already decarbonised calcium oxide content, Siderlime® reduces CO₂ emissions from the clinker burning process.
  • Siderlime® is eco-efficient with a significant reduction in the consumption of natural raw materials.
  • It also provides a high hydraulic capacity.

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