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The Pittini Group offers a range of road solutions for road paving and viaducts that stand out for their sustainability, innovation and ease of installation. In particular, Pittini is one of the first steel producers to rethink the production cycle from a circular economy perspective, involving potential industrial residuals for new uses.

Solutions for road infrastructure include Reflex electro-welded mesh, for the reinforcement of asphalt pavements, Pittini Baustrada lattice girders, for the construction of high-load self-supporting slabs such as bridge decks and viaducts, Granella® which is an aggregate for asphalt pavements, cement and concrete mixes, and Siderlime® an artificial aggregate manufactured from the by-products of the steel industry (Secondary Metallurgical Slag – SMS), which is used as a filler/blend in the production of bituminous mixtures to partially replace natural aggregates and is also added to improve the properties and applications of building materials.

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